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Goodbye March Madness

March Madness is over – congratulations Virginia. While it was a fun tournament (according to the husbands, the best one they can remember), we are not sad that it’s over. We’re Big 12 girls, so we’re a little upset that Texas Tech lost. But it marks the end of a month that we are just happy to see end. March was ROUGH! We’re not even sure what happened in the world at large because we were simply in survival mode. Snow day after snow day. Frigid cold (which means the toddlers couldn’t go outside). Strep. Flu. Colds. More strep. More flu. Some unknown virus. ER visits. Spring Break. Work travel. It was hard to come up for air, let alone cook for pleasure during the month of March. That leads us to our topic today – food and nutrition for survival. Not physical survival but just surviving the real life day to day.  

I thought I would take a minute to write just a short bit about just surviving. I am a meal planner. It’s one of the only aspects in my life where I do a good job planning! But it was virtually impossible during the month of March with everything that came up. The tools, skills and attitudes, however, that I utilize in meal planning still served me well, and I am thankful during these times to have those skills and tools. Here are the top three: 

  • Flexibility: It seemed like every day threw another curve ball, so we had to adjust on the fly to make sure everyone got fed. And at the end of the day, that is what it is about – making sure people are fed. It isn’t about a complicated recipe or social-media-worthy pic (you’ll notice those pics REALLY dropped of for us during the month of March). It is about getting food into everyone’s mouths. Period. 
  • My family’s go-to’s: This goes hand in hand with flexibility. Our pantry, refrigerator and freezer are always stocked with the essentials for whipping up quick and easy family favorites. When the day goes awry, the last thing I want to do is fret over what’s for dinner. Sure, the husband and the toddler had to have tacos three times in one week, but everyone was fed.  
  • Online grocery pick-up: this is a life-saver for me most weeks. But it was especially so as I was running from place to place, picking up kids, medicines, travel essentials, and whatever else (it’s a blur). What did I buy since I wasn’t able to truly meal plan? I just kept restocking those go-to ingredients and utilizing my favorites list of the items vitals we buy every week. 

Sometimes our best laid plans don’t pan out. And that’s ok. Put the go-to’s on repeat, have a lot of breakfast for dinner (eggs, fruit and frozen pancakes can be put out in minutes!), or just throw a protein and some veggies on a plate.  During chaotic times, don’t feel like you must stick to a plan and don’t feel guilty for making the same thing over and over. Feed whoever it is you feed every day, whether that is family or just yourself, and go to bed feeling accomplished.  

Now back to what is happening at Real Noshes – we did have a bit of fun creating a few new recipes in March, which we will be featuring over the next month. We also started sharing 30 days of tips for getting in your fruits and veggies. Then we paused as life got. more and more nutty. You can still download the whole calendar here, and we will finish out those features this month on Instagram and Pinterest 

So goodbye to March, hello to spring, and we are looking forward to getting back to sharing what’s happening in our kitchens and hearing about what you’re creating in yours!  

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