Mis-Adventures with My Slow Cooker

I LOVE my slow cooker. I know, I know – I’m not the only one! But it is such a big part of my weekly meal planning and meal prep, I just have to give it some props. What I love about my particular slow cooker is that it isn’t just a crock pot. It roasts (it even has a cute little rack!), it sautés (for those recipes that call for a quick sear before you throw the meat in with your other ingredients) and it’s BIG (because I like to cook in bulk and freeze individual portions for chaotic evenings).

Needless to say, my slow cooker and I are great friends. But, like any relationship, we’ve had some bumps in the road. Sometimes I get the temperature wrong and my dish cooks too fast or too slow. Sometimes I get busy and completely forget to even start it – which is what happened to me last Thursday! See our Easy Peasy Instagram story highlight for a quick recipe to throw in if you forget to do this.

Sometimes a recipe just doesn’t work out the way it should. Maybe it’s user error, maybe it’s the recipe, maybe it’s a combination of both. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had a beautiful corned beef brisket that I was going to turn into pastrami. I saw the recipe on Today Food on a show about tailgating. My husband is a college football fanatic, and his team was playing in the National Championship play-off. What a perfect opportunity to try out this delicious recipe.

It was indeed delicious…eventually. The cook didn’t go quite according to plan. I did all the prep – soaked it, rubbed it down, wrapped it, and put it on the cute little roasting rack. I stuck my favorite wireless meat thermometer in because I knew it 1) would be a long cook and 2) had a goal temp for maximum quality. Then I went on about my business. Several hours later, the temperature stopped rising. It stayed the same. And stayed the same. And stayed the same. Ok, I thought, it’s hitting a stall like meat does during smoking. And stayed the same. The recipe said it would be about 9-10 hours in the slow cooker. 10 hours came and went. Finally, at 14 hours, the game almost over, and me ready to go to bed, I pulled it out of the slow cooker and threw it in the oven to finish. I tasted it before I put away, sad that my pastrami sandwiches for the game did not come to fruition. It WAS delicious! Mouth-watering delicious.


Kitchen mishaps happen to novice cooks and to seasoned cooks. And that’s ok. Sometimes we have to be flexible. Adjust on the fly if you can, and never be afraid to laugh at yourself. We didn’t get our sandwiches for the game, but we had absolutely yummy leftovers for lunch the next couple of days. Laugh it off and move on. Sometimes we learn as much from our mis-adventures as we do from our successes!


P.S. Happy National Hot Pastrami Day!


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