Jill, Maudie and Keri after a Run


Hello Friends! Welcome to our blog. We are so grateful you have decided to visit our site. Our very first blog is dedicated to what you can expect from us.


First and foremost, you can expect brevity. Sure, we’ll add the funny and flare when we need to, but we know you’re busy and are likely visiting for the meat and potatoes, pun intended! We’ll keep our intros, stories, and antics short and sweet. We get that, most of the time, you’ll be scrolling right to the recipe (no judgement, we do it too!)


Second, we are big fans of the 80/20 rule – in our kitchens, in our lives and on our blog. Most of the time, our blog will focus on food, recipes, kitchen hacks, and generally cool things that happen in our kitchens. We’ll also be honest about the not-so-cool things (such as the slow cooker pastrami I was so excited about before New Year’s that would not cook – I’ll tell you that story at a later date). Back to the 80/20 rule. Our main focus will be food, but occasionally we’ll write about other random stuff too.


We would love for you to follow us on Instagram, like us on Facebook and sign up for our newsletter. We promise not to spam you ever day. You can expect a newsletter once a month with interesting content and tips for making food fun in your own kitchens. And stay tuned for some super exciting videos we will be putting out on YouTube this year!


I’ll close with a simple note about us. We are two dietitians, who also happen to be sisters, living crazy chaotic lives with toddlers, dogs and husbands. And we are grateful for every single second of it. Food is a central theme in both of our families. Sometimes we cook for pleasure and fun (we’re big fans of playing with your food), and sometimes we cook for survival. But we’re about helping you learn about and explore food in simple ways that make sense for YOUR life because we recognize that life is busy, chaotic and wonderful each and every day.




(This is us running in the rain with Jill’s nutty dog. Sometimes the only time you can get your run in is the rain, and sometimes those are the most beautiful moments.)

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